Best Couple Poses for Portrait Photography

Tips for a Successful Couple Photoshoot

Have Them Wear Coordinating Outfits

Your subject’s mindset is aided by what they wear. On top of this, you can tell from the way a person poses and their facial expression if they are comfortable or not.

I always tell my models to wear something that makes them feel confident, as well as comfortable in. If you are going to make them run, jump or sit, tell them ahead of time. This way their choice will allow them to move freely.

Get Them to Talk About Their Romance

The great thing about working with couples is that they can interact with each other. They will help each other fall into natural poses and situations.

This helps them relax and not feel so awkward as a single model might feel in front of the camera. They both know what makes the other smile or laugh, which is a benefit.

You still need to help them, though, by setting the right mood, interacting and talking with them. I like to ask my models how they met, the things they like to do together, or the things they like about each other.

I look for subjects that will make them remember happy moments. This cements the bond between them, which in turn, shows on the photographs.
Use a Posing Guide for Reference Before the Couple Shoot
I like to separate my couple photography poses into categories and make sure I have two or three for each in mind.

Some couple pose categories are:
standing poses, leaning on a wall ,walking,holding hands,kissing,sitting, or,lying down.
Gently Hold the Other Person’s Face
You can capture a tender moment by asking the couple to hold each other’s faces. They can gently caress each other’s cheeks or just hold their face with both hands. Ask them to look into each other’s eyes while they do this.
Hold Hands and Go for a Walk
This can be done at any point during your photoshoot. The classic hand-holding couple pose might be a bit cliché, but it never gets old
Hug From Behind
There are different ways to hug a person. Instead of hugging each other directly, the couple can try a hug from behind.

This will let you photograph both of the couple’s faces at once. Because their faces are so close, you can take romantic close-up photos. This is also a great opportunity to capture fun and joyful couple photos.
Touch Noses:The traditional Māori greeting is pressing your nose against someone else’s. This is a peaceful greeting that you can incorporate in your couple photoshoot.
Lean on The Other Person’s Shoulder and Look at Something Interesting:This couple pose is easiest to do during events. One of your models should lean on the other’s shoulder. You should take photos behind them to show what they’re looking at.
Lean on Each Other in Front of a Sunset:The background should be a sunset or a bright source of light. Shoot against the light, making sure the couple is standing right above the light. This will create a beautiful haze.
Point at Something:The couple should point at something interesting together. You can photograph them up close or create a wide shot where you can see what they’re pointing at.

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