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Global Learning Company

Robert L. Harriman, President & Founder

PURPOSE: The purpose of the Global Learning Co. is really quite simple and direct. We intend to facilitate ‘accurate’ information to students, teachers, administrators, board members and the community at all levels from pre-school to post doctorate education and on the job resources that will help the individual become the best they can be.

We present criteria necessary to draw good conclusions in our day to day scientific - education curriculum. ‘Brain based’ education is becoming commonplace these days. Brain based education is being taught in classrooms throughout the world and is suspect as to the quality and accuracy of content. From a neuroscience point of view, there needs to be “causation” leading to a good conclusion. ‘Causation’ vs a ‘high correlation’ continues to be a point of disagreement among the neuroscientists and educational practitioners.

If the student learns the incorrect information, the neuronal networks acquires this information as true (neuronal networks are a physical change in the brain). To expunge incorrect information is very difficult and does require a subsequent modification in the neuronal network…and is much more difficult than learning the material correctly the first time around.

We recommend the following text: Understanding the Brain: The Birth of a Learning Science be used as a source reviewed by top educational practitioners and neuroscientists. The text is conservative yet correct and can be subject to policy adoption with confidence. The text was edited by:

The Organization of Economic Cooperative Development
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We contract with universities, public and private schools, companies and organizations to update or initiate and carry through on your professional development programs. We provide assistance to individuals or organizations. We work with School Boards and Corporate Boards in addition to bridging gaps in organizational policy… or to be sure that policy reflects the desire of the governance.

The Global Learning Company will advise you if the subject or task is beyond the “ken” of the resources available. We will not offer help or false hope, if we cannot do the job.

If you become a client of our company, you will be supported with professional assistance that is outstanding. Each client's needs are unique and some may need assistance in one area of expertise and others may need assistance in several areas at the same time including top notch legal counsel.

On the more positive side, we have many resources….and the cost of the resources can range from pro bono to very expensive. This of course depends on the scope of the task. Please refer to our PURPOSE in order to glean an idea of what we represent and how we can help you become the very best that you can be.

All price discussions are conducted with the Global Learning Co. President or his designee.

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