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Welcome to Dr. Robert Harriman's website.

This site was created by Robert “Rob” Harriman to delineate a personal and professional call for experiential learning and the willingness to commit oneself to in-depth study. We are finding out that schools, colleges and universities are really just skimming the surface of subject matter and as such remembering very little of what is being studied. Possibly fewer subjects and more depth is most likely the best route to take. This of course would require a paradigm shift with the institutions, government and the public.

We address the brain and how it can help in our daily education. A few of the key topics included in the site are basic neuroscience & the educational practitioner; learning, teaching and assessment; memory, neurons & synapses; stress; teenage brain and public policy along with neurodegenerative diseases etc.

Rob Harriman founded the Global Learning Company. It is an outgrowth of many years of professional responsibilities and study along with a desire to go the extra mile. We now know that learning takes place in many forms and not just within a school room.

We can be considered iconoclastic professionals to some extent; that being the multifaceted and creative approaches to problem solving.

Dr. Harriman refers those with interest in this subject to the excellent text, Understanding the Brain: The Birth of a New Learning Science, by Organization for Economic Cooperation & Development, that brought together neuroscientists and educational practitioners for the first time, proving that cross disciplinary professionals can work together for the betterment of mankind.

If you need to contact Dr. Harriman you may reach him at
address: 1007 Cerro Verde Dr., Solana Beach, CA 92075

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